Business Fairs

We offer promoters the possibility to carry out, in a single space, the display of products and services in addition to lectures and other interactive actions with visitors.


We offer organizers the possibility to integrate scientific activities - lectures, workshops, debates, etc. - in modular rooms, with capacity to attend 50 to 3,800 seated people, in auditorium format and with acoustic treatment, enabling commercial displays of the main innovations and launches for the sector.

Corporate Events

The venue enables the holding of personalized and innovative events, in a versatile and comfortable space.

Fashion Shows

We offer the necessary infrastructure for the event to have the adequate lighting, sound system, runway and audience for the launching of new collections and presentation of products.


Exhibitions and art shows, as well as lectures and awards in the Shopping Frei Caneca Theater’s auditorium.



Located near Paulista Avenue, one of the most important - and known avenues - in São Paulo, it is also close to the Consolação Underground Station.

Food Court

Located on the 2nd floor, it offers a wide range of fast food restaurants. The Food Court and the Gourmet Area together provide 1,400 seats distributed in two floors;

Gourmet Area

On the 3rd floor, exhibitors and visitors can choose among the Shopping Center’s three renowned restaurants.

Air conditioning

Totally acclimatized by an air conditioning system with automatic and permanent air renewal, which keeps pleasant room temperature 100% of the time, regardless of the external climate.


The Shopping Center provides visitors and customers easy access by ramps, escalators and eight main elevators with capacity to lift 19 people each, totaling a ride flow of 152 people.

Parking Lot

The Shopping Center provides 1,200 covered parking spaces, distributed in 5 floors, with checkout counters in each floor to optimize exit.

Standby Generator

1.950 KVAS standby generator ready to be used in the event of an electric power shortage.

Nursing Station

Located on Garage level 3, the Nursing Station is open from 10:00 to 22:00 from Monday to Saturday and from 12:00 to 20:00 on Sundays. An ambulance is available for use within the Shopping Center’s business hours.

Helicopter Landing Pad

The Shopping Center has a helicopter Landing Pad on the 6th floor, allowing the participants of the events a quick commute to airports and other strategic spots within the city of São Paulo.

Hotel Chain

53 hotels and 9.344 rooms are available in the vicinity of our enterprise.


Through a partnering arrangement with Embratel, it offers customized Internet service for the specific needs of each event.


Its privileged location ensures easy access to the Underground Station and bus lines. It also has a taxi rank at the Shopping Center’s main entrance, as well as access to the Airport Bus Service, a special bus heading to Guarulhos International Airport available every 01:20 in front of the venue.


Located near Paulista Avenue, one of the most important - and known avenues - in São Paulo, it is also close to the Consolação Underground Station.



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